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Hasbro's New Toy Box Tools

Nov 19, 2014 -- 8:39 pm
Today Hasbro toys launched a series of play visuals and supports to help children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Check it out at this website: They have visual supports for various play dough activiti...

November Teacher Resource

Nov 15, 2014 -- 7:01 pm
Click here to access leveled literacy activities with visual included:

Dec 10 Webinar: Every Second Counts: Embedding Functional Learning Throughout the School Day

Nov 12, 2014 -- 5:10 pm
Webinar Presented by: Lindy McDaniel, MS. Ed. Wednesday, December 10 from 3:00 - 3:34pm CST and 4:00 - 4:45pm CST Description: Every second does count! In this webinar Lindy McDaniel will discuss the importance of embedding functional learning t...

December 1 Webinar: Maximizing the Impact of Para-Educators

Nov 12, 2014 -- 5:09 pm
Webinar Presented by: Lee Stickle, MS. Ed. Wednesday, December 1 from 3:00 - 3:45pm CST and 4:00 - 4:45pm CST Description: Para-educators are a significant part of the learning process, facilitating one-on-one and small group instruction for st...

Two Part Webinar Series: ASD & Literacy

Nov 04, 2014 -- 1:41 pm
Join us on November 12 & 13 for a two-part webinar series on ASD & Literacy, Presented by Pam Williamson Ph.D. & Christina Carnahan, Ed.D. This webinar will be offered at two times on the scheduled dates. Join us at 3:00pm - 3:45pm CST or 4:00pm...

Employment , Technology and Disability Resource

Oct 16, 2014 -- 8:42 am—Is your gateway to tools, resources, and collaboration in the pursuit of accessible workplace technology. Please browse our site to find resources for employers, technology providers, and technology users with disabilities. ...

The October 2014 Teacher Resource is Now Available!

Oct 15, 2014 -- 12:49 pm
Click here to access visuals supports and social narratives that support non-routine events such as picture day, field trips, fire drills, and days with a substitute teacher: ...